Project News

Cover "Far from frozen"What do children and young people think about education? Possible answers to this  question are elaborated in this volume by portraying and illustrating the views on education of young people across Europe. The volume is based on a collection of essays that students were asked to write as part of the GOETE project. The essays capture a fascinating cross-section of experiences that are highly personal, but which also share many concerns relating to the process of growing up in contemporary Europe.

The GOETE project has just published a new report on recommendations for future training. The aim of this report is to illuminate different challenges in future training for teachers and other practitioners and provide recommendations for future training in the different countries who have participated in GOETE.

Students from GOETE case studies contributed their views on educational trajectories in a number of videos and essays. Here we are giving a flavour of what GOETE topics mean to them.

Who decides on education?

Education has increasingly become an issue of public debates and an increasingly disputed societal value. The research project Governance of Educational Trajectories in Europe therefore asked how educational trajectories of children and young people evolve and how underlying decisions are being made.

GOETE Final ConferenceDuring the last months of the project, all participating countries in GOETE have been busy with various activities: first, thematic and comparative analyses were conducted and publications for the dissemination findings were prepared for both the scientific community and for policy and practice circles concerned with children’s and young people’s educational trajectories inside and outside school, at the local, regional, national and European level. One important event in the conclusion of the project was held in Frankfurt am Main, Germany, that took place on March 21st, 2013