Project News

All participating countries in GOETE have been busy during the past months with activities aiming at the dissemination of the project findings both into the scientific community and to policy and practice concerned with children’s and young people’s educational trajectories inside and outside school, on the local, regional, national and European level.

video still from GOETE youtube channel"Demain j'me casse - Tomorrow I'll get out of here" is the title of the video of students from a school in France produced in the context of the GOETE project.


GOETE researchers are currently busy disseminating and discussing the findings of the research project, here are two examples.

The GOETE project has just published its report on teacher training. The report is about comparative analysis of the organisation of teacher training in the respective countries in terms of contents, relation to school practice, education policy, and relationships with other educational actors. These objectives lead to two main research questions: (1) What are similarities and differences in the structure of teacher training between the countries? (2) In which way does teacher training prepare future teachers for the handling of and the coping with educational disadvantage?

The research for this report is based on three major sources: questionnaires filled in by the GOETE partners,
document analysis and expert interviews. The focus is on lower secondary education within the
age group of 10 to 16 years.

Download the report in PDF format from our Working Papers section.

Cover of comparative report"The view from the principal's office" is the headline of the GOETE report on the results of a survey conducted among one thousand school principals in the eight EU countries covered within the project.