The project officially has ended in March 2013. Some follow-ups will be posted here. The 

are still available for download.

The GOETE project has completed its first year. In this first year much effort has been put in the preparation of the comparative research. In this preparatory phase, eight country reports on institutional, socio-economic and cultural contexts of educational trajectories were produced. These reports are based on statistical data and extant educational research from the different national contexts. The findings served to prepare the empirical field work inasmuch as national specific differences came to the fore and could be accounted for in the design and instrument construction phase of the various work packages. The results of this research phase – a State of the Art Report on structures and problems of educational trajectories in Europe – will be made available soon via the GOETE website.

From 20th to 23rd February 2011, the third consortium meeting has been held in Bologna (Italy). Again, the young researchers group met one day earlier among themselves. This time the key issue was methodology of comparative analysis. The main meeting itself was opened by the Dean of the Faculty of Education of the University of Boliogna, Prof. Dr. Roberto Farné who welcomed the project consortium and – together with the Bologna GOETE unit – secured optimal working conditions for the three days meeting.

Organisation of Schooling in Germany: one-sided view of a complex discussion by Thorsten Bohl, Tuebingen, Germany

Below we document an interview Professor Dr. Thorsten Bohl (University of Tuebingen, Germany), member of the GOETE consortium gave to the magazine ‘bildung & wissenschaft’.


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