IRIS is a private non-profit research institute specialised in local, regional and international research in social work and social policies.

IRIS’ contribution to GOETE

IRIS will be involved in WPs 1, 6 and 9 assisting the University of Tuebingen (EKUT) in management activities related to the coordination as well as in carrying out case studies and in dissemination at local (local policy planning) and European level (European policy seminar).

Previous experience relevant to the tasks

IRIS has been founding and coordinating member of the EGRIS network since 1994 (European Group for Integrated Social Research). It has been coordinating FP 4, 5 and 6 projects (Lifelong Learning in Europe, Misleading Trajectories, Youth Policy and Participation (YOYO) and UP2YOUTH) as well as projects funded under Leonardo da Vinci, Youth for Europe and DG Employment and Social Affairs. It has also been a partner in the Families and Transitions in Europe project (FATE). IRIS has also organised several major EU-funded international conferences such as Lifelong Learning in Europe in Dresden (1996) and in Lisbon (1998), and the European Conference for Researchers and Policy makers on “Young People and Transitions Policies in Europe” in Madrid (2002). In this period IRIS has developed a profound expertise and knowledge regarding the management and administration of EU-funded research.

At regional level, IRIS carries out applied research in the area of diversity management with a focus on assisting schools and small and medium companies in supporting migrant youth in coping with education and vocational training and in developing intercultural pedagogical methods. Currently, it consults a local government in implementing the national programme “Learning locally” (Lernen vor Ort) aimed at coordinating school and other education.

Team involved

Picture of Gebhard Stein

Gebhard Stein

Phd in education, Director of IRIS. Fields of expertise: local and regional youth policies, diversity management in vocational training, cooperation of schools with youth services.

Picture of Axel Pohl

Axel Pohl

Educationalist, coordination of European studies in the EGRIS context, fields of expertise: transition research, youth with a migration background, (urban) policies for young people.

Bild von Thomas Knichal

Thomas Knichal

Educational consultant of GesundheitsLaden e.V. Stuttgart, Jungen im Blick. Fields of expertise: gender-studies, social informatics, Web-Administration

Andrea Bosch

Andrea Bosch

Educationalist, working part-time in a women's shelter. Fields of expertise: cooperation between schools and youth services, transitions from school to work.



Institute for regional innovation and social research, Tübingen (IRIS)