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The Faculty of Education of the Johann Wolfgang Goethe-University Frankfurt am Main (GUF) encompasses all relevant educational sub-disciplines: philosophy and sociology of education, primary and secondary teacher training, social pedagogy, special education, adult education. It further hosts a series of research centres among which the newly founded research centre „Education and Coping in the Life Course‟ where the coordination of the GOETE project is based starting from month 10.

GUF's contribution to GOETE

The Faculty of Education will be the project coordinator starting from month 10. Apart from this it will carry out a part of the field work programme for Germany, be work package leader in WPs 8 and 9 as well as a core partner in WPs 4 and 5.

Previous experience relevant to the tasks

Members of the GUF team have been involved in coordinating the EGRIS research network on youth transitions and several EU-funded research such as Misleading Trajectories (FP 4), Youth Policy and Participation (YOYO; FP 5); Young People and Transition Policies (FP 5); Youth – Actor of Social Change (UP2YOUTH, FP 6) as well as the Thematic Study on Policy Measures concerning Disadvantaged Youth, DG Employment). Ongoing national research within the Research Centre Education and Coping in the Life Course concerns evaluation of programmes for disadvantaged youth in transitions to work, gender studies, drug research, evaluation of special needs education, competence assessment as well as lifelong learning.

Team involved

Andreas Walther

Andreas Walther

Professor in Social Pedagogy, coordinator of EGRIS and EU-studies (see above). Research areas: youth transitions, participation, comparative analysis, EU policy.

John Litau

John Litau

Researcher at the GOETE project of the Faculty of Education, University of Frankfurt am Main.

Picture of Marcelo Parreira do Amaral

Marcelo Parreira do Amaral

Researcher at the GOETE Project, of the Faculty of Education, University of Tuebingen


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